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    Solar Energy in St Maarten | St Martin | SXM

    solar power sxm st maarten

    Being located on the island of St Maarten / St Martin means that we are in prime position to make the best of what the planet has on offer in terms of free power.

    The Caribbean provides almost a never-ending source of energy in the form of solar power and more and more people are turning to solar energy as their primary source of power.

    Whether you are the owner of private or commercial property, there are many ways that you put solar energy to work for you and enjoy a reduced energy bill at the same time:
    • Heating your home’s hot water
    • Heating our pool or spa
    • Proving solar power to a ‘hurricane safe’ room
    • Residential and commercial buildings

    Some of our marine-based customers prefer to use solar power to avoid running their generators or engines.

    Electec are solar specialists and can help with all aspects of fitting a system. Whether it’s a design, getting the equipment or fitting it, our technicians are knowledgeable and will provide you with the highest level of customer service and professional advice. We’ll handle the job from start to finish and guide you every step of the way.

    We can do all that for you and more. We can also help you with the sales, installation, repair and maintenance of:

    Solar energy:

    • Lorentz solar pool & well pumps
    • Residential/Commercial solar systems off grid, hybrid or grid tie systems

    From our base in Colebay, we have provided solar services in and around St Maarten and St Martin since 1992, whilst supplying solar parts and solar accessories region-wide.